Careers at Jordans Dorset Ryvita

Do you want to take the next step in your career with successful, market-leading brands in a business with a passion for Health and Sustainability? Find out more about the different teams at the heart of Jordans Dorset Ryvita, and take a next step in your career with our current vacancies below.

Current vacancies

Position Location
Process Operative – Double days


Category Buyer – Raw Materials


  • Customer & Category Management

    Discover more about building relationships and growing sales and profit for our retailers

    Customer & Category Management

    Customer & Category Mangement at JDR involves working with customers from a variety of retail environments, from bricks-and-mortar major supermarkets to smaller chains, as well as online retailers. As an Account Manager within our team, you’ll be responsible for managing all aspects of our business with a given retailer. This includes building relationships to understand our customer’s business, their category, our products, our consumers and developing collaborative plans with your customers to grow sales and profit.

    Become a member of the Customer & Category Management team at JDR, and your role will be about so much more than just sales; it’s about managing a complex P&L and diving into the data, from forecasting, supply chain, legal and much, much more

  • International

    Join our International Team in the UK or abroad, and each working day will bring something new


    JDR exports to 80 countries around the globe, with our International business making up around a third of JDR’s sales every year. Whether you’re based in the UK or abroad, a role in the International team is varied and challenging, and could see you working on anything from marketing strategy and in-store activation, to forecasting, product launches and customer care.

    As an international business, we reach as far afield as the sunny shores of our Sydney office in Australia, to the frozen landscapes of Scandinavia. Together with a strong European market, we’ve also grown our presence across Africa, Asia and North America.

    Our International reach is growing, and our overseas International teams work under large local autonomy, helping to grow our Cereals and Biscuits brands across a huge distribution network. Jordans launched in France in 1993, and has gone on to become the number one brand for Muesli and Crunch Muesli, and is now in the top three of the adult cereal brands. We’re confidently looking forward to significant growth – the Australian market has now become our second largest within International, and across the pond Canada is now our third largest International market.

  • Marketing/Insight

    Our innovative, passionate Marketing team helps us to understand the real hearts and minds of our consumers


    Life in the Marketing team at JDR is all about innovation, building a connection with our consumers, and bringing innovative new products to the UK and International markets. As a team that loves to celebrate food we're passionate about giving our consumers the ultimate JDR experience, providing them with the tastiest, most wholesome recipes at the best possible value.

    This means we really challenge ourselves – we’re continuously looking to improve our recipes, our performance as a team, and find the right balance between keeping pace with ever-changing consumer trends and business decisions! We really get inside the heads of our customers and reach out to consumer communities. This helps us build great brand and marketing insight so that we can all make informed decisions, deliver for our consumers’ needs and work with agency partners to build the best Marketing campaigns for our brands.

    With a wide variety of roles in Marketing, you could be working within one of our two brand teams, Cereals and Biscuits. Our core teams are underpinned by three specialist teams – Digital, Innovation, and Innovation Delivery – which gives us a holistic approach to driving new product and brand concepts. You’ll be spending each day in a fast-paced environment, working together with many other teams within JDR to successfully bring new products and recipe changes to the market.

  • Finance & IT

    A role with Finance/IT can be far-reaching: as real team players we provide vital support to all aspects of the business

    Finance & IT

    The Finance team at JDR is in touch with many aspects of our business. From the central Finance team – who take care of JDR’s financial control, business reporting and payment processes – to Commercial Finance and Supply Chain finance, there’s no typical day within this department.

    Finance/IT plays an important and pivotal role in supporting JDR to deliver the best value for our customers. Finding solutions and making sure there’s a constant flow of accurate data around the business gives us a competitive advantage and helps us all to make timely and informed decisions.

    You’ll be working in a constantly changing business environment where accuracy, data analysis and forward thinking is always essential. For example, within Supply Chain finance, you won’t be sat behind a desk all day; you’ll need to get out into the production environment to make sure that our consumers always get what they really want, at a value they appreciate. You’ll be working together with high-calibre managers and production teams to make sure we’re always delivering and driving forward our Continuous Improvement programme. And within IT, you’ll be supporting end-users in a wide variety of software applications, or working as part of a team to implement new production facilities.

    In short, your role and responsibilities in Finance/IT at JDR can be far-reaching, affecting real people, with real impact.

  • Customer Service/ Logistics/Planning

    Enjoy exceeding expectations? Like turning hard data into an effective plan? Then this is the team for you...

    Customer Service/ Logistics/Planning

    At JDR, we want to give our customers the best possible service and experience, and this means always exceeding their expectations through our professional, helpful and high-quality services. We really look after our retailers across the globe, from managing their orders and domestic and international shipments, to reverse logistics, as well as providing customer support services.

    As a member of the Logistics team you’ll be working on ensuring we meet our customer and company KPIs, and are always driving continuous improvement across the business and supply chain network. You could be handling budgets, perhaps identifying ways to increase efficiency across any of our domestic or International warehouses, manufacturing sites and logistics networks.

    As a member of the Planning team you’ll be a great communicator, working with many areas of the business in the UK and across the world. You’ll be turning complex, hard data into a realistic demand plan of action, and create a supply chain operation plans that will satisfy our customers. Your planning could ultimately see our products shipped all around the world to our customers.

    Whatever your position and responsibilities within these teams, you can look forward to a fast-paced and dynamic role.

  • Research & Development

    Help us turn innovative ideas into real products and processes with the R&D teams

    Research & Development

    Our Research & Development department helps JDR to stay ahead of the curve, taking innovative ideas and turning them into real products that our consumers love. This part of the business is a melting pot where science, technical expertise, consumer insight and business acumen come together to bring new products and product changes to the market, while making sure that we’re operating efficiently, always with a sustainable agenda in mind.

    As part of R&D you could be working within the Technical, Product or Process teams, and will be in touch with many aspects of the wider JDR business, including Marketing, International, Operations and Procurement. From working with raw food materials to improve recipe quality and performance, to managing the efficiency and outputs of our manufacturing sites, your role and responsibilities within R&D will ultimately help JDR to stay forward-thinking, turning great ideas into real products and processes that really make a difference.

  • Human Resources

    Every day, support people to be their best and be part of a team that makes a difference with HR

    Human Resources

    The Human Resources (HR) Team is here to help the business get where it’s going. HR is structured to run alongside the Commercial or Supply side of business here at JDR, and includes a small process team dedicated to delivery and improving our own admin processes.

    As a member of HR you’ll also be focused on business partnering to build capability, engagement and performance. You’ll be part of a team that really contributes to creating a great place to work where recognition, teamwork, initiative and a passion for results are highly valued.

    Every day you’ll be helping our people to perform at their best and achieve their goals. We’ve built a culture within JDR that puts people at the heart of what we do, so anyone working within the HR team has a real opportunity to make a difference throughout the wider business.

  • Procurement

    A role in Procurement will provide variety and plenty of opportunities to learn and develop


    Procurement at JDR is varied – our Procurement team is involved in anything from buying packaging, to purchasing nuts from South America, or the grain that comes from our farmers in the UK. A role in procurement helps you the see the end to end processes in the business and gain a real understanding of how JDR works.

    As a member of the Procurement team, you might be working with other departments to deliver value from goods and services, or getting stuck into capital projects. Whether you’re negotiating commercial agreements, developing relationships or supporting our sustainability agenda working with international supply chains, a role in Procurement at JDR will provide you with variety and plenty of opportunities to learn and develop.

  • Operations/ Manufacturing

    Find a role in the fast-paced hub of JDR, where you’ll be working with good people and great products

    Operations/ Manufacturing

    At JDR our wholesome recipes are expertly baked, blended and packaged and distributed from our manufacturing sites in Biggleswade, Poole, and Bardney. We like to think of Operations as the engine room of the business, and because people really love our products, we have to operate 24/7 throughout the year to meet consumer demand. As a result, life in the Ops teams is nothing short of fast-paced!

    Because we have to deliver superior quality products around the clock, the Operations team works closely with Supply Chain to make sure that efficiency, health and safety, food safety and continuous improvement stay at the core of each and every role within this side of the business. As a member of the Ops team, you’ll be forging strong partnerships across the business, and working with good people and great products. Each day will be hands-on, with different challenges and new solutions to find. You’ll see products and processes evolve, adapt and improve, and be part of a team where ownership and responsibility are really valued.

  • Graduate Opportunities

    Want to grow your career with our famous brands? Every year, we offer around 25 places on our acclaimed ABF UK Grocery Graduate scheme.

    Graduate Opportunities

    The ABF UK Grocery Graduate scheme offers the chance to work across its Grocery business in real jobs with real responsibilities, while providing optimum training and development opportunities.

    As a successful applicant, the ABF UK Grocery Graduate scheme will offer you an authentic in-house experience, where you can look forward to taking ownership of projects, along with structured training and mentorship to accelerate your learning. If you’re an ambitious, resilient person looking to drive your career in a fast-paced environment, then find out more about ABF Group Graduate Programmes and graduate scheme applications via the link below: