Three brands, one vision

We make great tasting, honest and real food, which we’re really proud of

Our purpose: ‘To be innovators in great tasting, simple natural foods.’

For decades, here at Jordans Dorset Ryvita we’ve brought our customers in the UK and all over the world a great variety of tasty goods, helping them to enjoy natural foods that are grown, baked and blended in a way that’s healthy for us (lots of fibre, wholegrain, fruit, nuts and seeds), and the environment too.

We're now recognised for our commitment and approach to good food and sustainable farming, reflecting who we are as a business today, and where we’ve come from.

Biodiversity remains a priority

As a company we are heavily invested in protecting the British countryside and championing biodiversity within our network of specialist farmers

“We’re committed to bringing delicious, nutritionally wholesome food to the table in an environmentally conscious, ethical and sustainable way that is supportive of UK farming.”

We’re always looking to go above and beyond, making sure we do our absolute best for our customers. We work closely with our suppliers from all over the globe because we firmly believe in protecting the countryside and preserving biodiversity. That’s why we visit our farmers as much as we can to make sure that they’re always meeting our high standards.

In fact, our commitment to sustainability affects every part of our business, from field to table, including nutrition and health, our cereal supply chain, manufacturing and operations, and even our international supply chains.

Jordans Dorset Ryvita has a very real passion for being the best of the best and getting great results – that means that we’re always responding to the needs of our customers with fresh thinking and new approaches. But we always make sure that we’re true to our brand values as innovators of healthy and delicious food.

Find out about our different and brilliant brands below:

  • Jordans


    Every delicious mouthful of Jordans cereals has been blended and baked with only natural ingredients. With a passion for delicious products and healthy eating, as well as a commitment to the British countryside, award-winning Jordans has a rich heritage of producing tasty, nourishing and wholesome foods for over five decades.

  • Dorset Cereals

    Dorset Cereals

    Dorset Cereals has been built on the belief that life's not a dress rehearsal. Real happiness comes from taking pleasure from the simple things in life that are truly rewarding. We never settle for second best when it comes to creating our award-winning recipes. Expertly balanced and blended, they are crafted in Poundbury in Dorset where we continue to revolutionise breakfast.

  • Ryvita


    Since 1925, British brand Ryvita has been bringing together simple, honest ingredients to bake and create delicious and homegrown foods. With taste and nutrition at its heart, Ryvita’s versatile snacks and goodies are the perfect addition to a balanced and nutritious diet.

    We believe in positive healthy eating, and we're also on a mission to inject colour and flavour back into lunch and snack times! Originally offering a line of rye-based recipes, Ryvita’s range has grown over the decades, and we’re now helping people to get creative and inspired in the kitchen.

    Simply load any of our Ryvita products with your favourite dips and toppings, or combine with salads, soups and desserts for a moreish treat, any time and anywhere. From our iconic Crispbreads to our mouth-watering Thins, light Crackerbreads and wonderfully tasty crackers, Ryvita offers a selection of deliciously satisfying snacks.